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Getha 4 in 1 Essential Oil Set

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There are several different techniques used in modern aromatherapy. Among the few, aromatherapy oil burners are one of the most popularly used aromatherapy products as these are very easy to use, cost-effective while providing a lovely ambience.

Recommended usage:
Add 2-3 drops of oil and some water into a stone burner with a lit tea candle to experience the aroma. Can also be used in bathwater.

Features of essential oils

1. Calming

• Blended essential oil

• Consist of pure oil of sandalwood, geranium and French lavender

• Earthy and botanical aroma with a deep, balancing mix of woody and floral scent

• Cleansing, warming and calming

• Recommended to unwind and calm restlessness after a long day

• Extraction with steam distilled from raw source

• Purity Tested

• Quality Assured


2. Sleep Ease

• Blended essential oil

• A mixture of pure oil of lavender and orange

• Crisp and fresh citrusy scent with a comforting hint of floral aroma

• Relaxing, soothing and sleep inducing

• Recommended to calm and lull your body and mind to calming relaxation

• Steam distilled extraction from plant leaves and fruit

• Purity Tested

• Quality Assured


3. Lavender

• Made from pure oil of lavender

• Delicate and floral aroma with a subtle earthy undertone

• Soothing, relaxing and calming

• Recommended to alleviate stress, enhance mood and promote relief

• Oil extraction by steam distilled from plant leaves

• Purity Tested

• Quality Assured


4. Lemongrass

• Made of pure oil of lemongrass

• Clean and crisp botanical aroma with a fresh citrusy scent

• Purifying, stimulating, cleansing, yet soothing

v>• Recommended to ease anxiety and irritability

• Extraction Method by steam distilled from plant leaves

• Purity Tested

• Quality Assured


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